Mellivora NFT collection with staking RPG game

Game available: web3 - Q4 2023, IOS & Android - Q1 2024


Pump up your Badger!

Play & Earn game with Mellivora NFT collections.

NFT collections

5000 randomly generated unique NFT badgers.

Mellivora Game

Play & Earn game built on Solana blockchain.

Play & Earn

Create your own unique character and start earning.


Open lootbox and get new items to upgrade your character.


Use new items and pump up your stake power.


Buy and sell your characters, lootbox, items and earned tokens.

Season One

Mellivora True Story


Many years ago, when the sky was still clear as a teardrop, and the sun was bright as happiness, there was Esterdell somewhere far far away: it was a land of abundance and wealth.

Esterdell was born at the very beginning of time, when Mellivoras inhabited the desert land on the edge of the world. On the scorching hot sand, a forest full of magic and life bloomed for thousands of leagues ahead. Then the sky broke into a thunderstorm, and the Mellivoras heard a deafening voice:

May the country of the Mellivor's be called Esterdell from now on, and may your people live in wealth and satiety until the very moment when they reach this land, the edge of the world, the embodiment of death and hunger. So be it, and only four Staffs of Primordial Magic will be able to rescue them.

Years passed, turning into decades, and those into centuries. The Mellivora developed by learning city building and agriculture. Everyone was happy, and no one noticed how death and hunger got their ugly clawed paws reach Esterdell on the edge of the world.

The trouble came unnoticed and out of the blue: the strongest of the magicians began to lose their strength. Some could no longer make the land fertile, while others were unable to lift heavy boulders into the air any more. The people began to worry, and fear seized their hearts. This was the time of grief for Esterdell.

The main treasure of the Mellivora's, unbelieveably fertile lands, stopped yielding crops. The people was starving. Harsh winters made citizens freeze and die of hunger, and it was then that the powerless Mellivora realized that an old prophecy had begun to come true.

The situation was only getting worse. On a cold and pitch-black night, under the cover of darkness, they appeared. The children of death — drackses. The message about the attack on the border village reached the capital only in the morning. By that hour, everyone who had witnessed the drakkses for the first time was already dead.

Metropolitan gossip worsened the situation with every day. Voices full of fear could be heard on every alley:

One of us escaped! He said they had two mouths, huge teeth, and powerful paws!

It's not true! They were five meters tall, with monstrous and dark eyes that deprived of breath in a matter of seconds!

Then why was there blood on the ground? They devoured many of the villagers by gnawing their throats.

As it often happens, the Mellivoras got tired of living in fear and decided to rally. So a squad of the strongest of them was created — the Twilight Corps. They learned to wield weapons and hunted drakkses at night in every corner of the country.

The struggle paid off, but it came at too great a price: some members of the Twilight Corps died. The first of the wise men died hundreds of years ago, and the terrible thunderous words that the Mellivoras heard when they first came to their native land were forgotten by most. But there were families which passed down the prophecy from generation to generation, reminding the younger ones of the duty of protecting the native Esterdell.

Their names of these younger Mellivoras were Ulle, Brand, Ivar and Klaus. They were not from noble families, but fearlessness and bravery flowed in their veins from infancy. From an early age, parents taught these young Mellivoras to love Esterdell and protect their motherland at the cost of everything. In childhood, after sowing and playing games, they often lay in the field and dreamed of joining the Twilight Corps, imagined how they would rush into battle together and rid the world of the drackses forever. And so their dreams began to come true...

They really look monstrous, he began, looking at his friends. Yellow snakish eyes... A mouth with huge fangs, each one looking like a lizards, and sharp spikes on the back. And they stand on two powerful paws, tearing apart the victim with the front ones. I attacked them back without hesitation, thinking only about protecting my home. But it was an unequal fight, they were too big and strong. The drakks hurt me, I started to retreat. The beast chased me, but a member of the Twilight Corps came to my aid. They killed the drakks and took the monster's corpse for research.

And the others?  Ivar asked.

The others left as soon as the dawn shone. These creatures can't stand the sun.

We will destroy them all, Brand claimed firmly, and rage flashed in his eyes.

There will be new ones, Klaus shook his head. Do you remember the prophecy? Only four Staffs of Primordial magic will help to get rid of them forever. Staffs of the North, South, West, and East. The Staff of the South is already in the capital, that is some help.

So we'll find the other three?  Ulle asked.

Yes, Ivar nodded. I'm down for it.

That's some dangerous gamble, — Brand chuckled.

Has it ever scared us?  Klaus grinned and held out his paw to his friends. We will save Esterdell from death itself! We will no longer starve and suffer from the cold, no one will!

So, are you in?  Ulle smiled.

I'm in!

Let's do it!

Let's save Esterdell!

The sun was setting. A growl was heard in the distance, but fear no longer lived in their hearts. Four brave souls were ready to tear the darkness to shreds and go to the end of the world to find the three Staffs of Primordial magic.


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